Elegy: Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010


Gone before I knew it had ever happened.
One moment tossing my cap
in the air and celebrating
thirteen years of hard work finally done.


The next, packing the last of my bags
into the back of my trunk
saying goodbye to my mom
and getting ready to not see her for
three weeks straight


How can a girl be expected
to grow so much
in one summer?


Stop being a kid and
start being an adult
stop relying on Mom for everything
she’s a car ride away
and you’re at the adult table now.


It is not the real world I am prepared for.
I still have a child’s impulse,
I have to understand that I have a future
greater than what my grades are.


And I want to go back
when the going gets tough
to when life’s biggest responsibility was
not losing my library books
and remembering to feed the dog.


But that is not
what is expected of me.
I am told to be an adult
And told to act like one


So I pretend
that I know how
to be an adult


Pretend that the summer of 2010
taught me to grow up.

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  1. zoluvan

    The poem is good and I understand the feeling of letting go childhood or being a child. Though there is no consistency with punctuation like how the eighth stanza has none whatsoever.

    November 22nd, 2012

  2. csmccarry

    I like this idea; I can definitely relate to the speed at which we’re expected to suddenly become adults! However, I think that if you provided a few more snapshots from that summer, it might help the reader engage a bit more with the poem.

    November 24th, 2012

  3. Robert

    I like the theme of the poem very much. It captures how a lot of freshman feel when they’re thrust into college, in my opinion.

    I like your enjambment use, but a few of them could be better; namely “getting ready to not see her//for three weeks straight” (move “for” to the next line?) and “tossing my cap//in the air and celebrating” (put “in the air” on the previous line and expanding the second line, or combining it into the last line). Other than that, however, the line breaks work wonderfully.

    Also, consider your punctuation. It’s inconsistent; some stanzas have punctuation at the end (and by and large it works) and some don’t. Consistency might work better, though it works the way it is.

    November 25th, 2012

  4. carly15

    Your first line is very powerful and draws the reader in. I like how your poem goes through a sequence of events as the person you’re describing grows up. I think if you got rid of the fourth stanza it would flow a little better though. It was really relatable and I enjoyed it! Good job!

    November 26th, 2012

  5. jlupia

    I think this is an interesting poem, and I like the childlike nature of it. It seems like the speaker is struggling to adapt to a major change in her life, and ultimately refusing to take on more responsibility than she had before. I think the moment of anxiety before doing something on your own for the first time is something everyone can relate to, and this poem demonstrates that idea well.

    November 26th, 2012

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